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Do you happen to be running a business and for it, operate a commercial building?

Building Services Maintenance London

Be it a hospital, office, museum, school, stadium, or any foundation, we can provide the necessary assistance 24/7. Granted you are located in one of the areas in London we cover, you may turn to our team of highly-qualified professional contractors. Gladly, when it comes to maintenance, we’ll take the additional load off your shoulders.

As we are experts in buildings, conversions, extensions, refurbishments, and renovation, we’re qualified to handle all sorts of building services maintenance concerns.

Facilities Maintenance & Repairs in London

With years of relative experience in the field, we can lend you a hand as we see fit. By our clients, good word about our services has been relayed to us. Like them, shall you want affordability, convenience, and satisfaction from a reliable group, it’s us you may approach.

Don`t hesitate to contact us and we will give you our expertise and our expert to help you with the following services :

  • Office cleaning;
  • Help desk;
  • Reception;
  • Landscaping – internal and external;
  • Security and commissionaire duties;
  • Catering and canteen facilities;
  • Mail room and reprographics;
  • Total facilities services and management.

We are able to provide high quality bespoke Facility Maintenance with performance measurement incentives which include:

  • Computerised planned preventative maintenance;
  • Mechanical and electrical maintenance;
  • Heating and ventilation maintenance;
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance;
  • Non-invasive maintenance programmes – vibration analysis;
  • Intelligent controls and BMS maintenance and remote bureau service;
  • Thermography inspections;
  • Life cycle costing reports;
  • Dilapidations and asset management strategies;
  • Energy management.

Attending to corporate and industrial concerns related to building services maintenance including air-conditioning, brickwork, carpentry and joinery, construction, decorating, demolition, equipment disposal, facility management, floor plan modifications, installations of odour and pest control systems, irrigation, janitorial, indoor and outdoor clean-up, plastering, and tiling is our forte.

As, with confidence, we can say that a poorly-organized building can affect the quality of job performance, you may contact us to help you retain the productivity in your working environment.

As we can resolve a variety of maintenance issues within your establishment, you can proceed to concentrating on your own operations with our offer. If you have specific instructions for us, feel free to discuss them.

We are always open to different ways of improvement. Instead of diverting your focus to a range of building services maintenance concerns, leave the job of promoting health and safety for your business up to us.

We’re available 24/7 and as much as possible, we’ll go out of our way to work towards assisting you in any of your facilities’ maintenance concerns.

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