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Bigness is a trustworthy company which is stationed here in London. Our level of experience and expertise has brought us to the top.

Bigness is a trustworthy company

Our team is always flexible to any type of working assignment and we go extra mile in our commitment of giving you nothing but the best. So if you are interested with the services we provide, you may contact us.

Simply fill out the form with a description of the work you require, your location and your contact details, and we will aim to contact you within 1 hour.


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This information will be used to contact you about your potential project and answer any questions you may have.

Local rate call: 0207 112 5356
Mobile: 0743.8549.944
Mobile: 0742.4180.039

Head Office

Bigness Group Limited
3-6 Kenrick Place
United Kingdom
office @

Please direct all sales / tender / pricing enquiries to the head office.