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Bigness construction is one of the best loft conversion company in London. Whether you need house refurbishment or loft conversion, we have specialists who can complete the job in no time—in the best quality of service.

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Dormer and L-shaped Dormer Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversion is actually one of the most popular conversion types in London. Since it is a simple structure to build, it is practical for homeowners.

Mansard and L-Shaped Mansard Loft Conversion

Mansard loft conversion creates more headspace compared to other kinds of conversions. Usually this is constructed at the backside of the house.

Hip to Gable and L-shaped Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to gable loft conversion is usually the best type for bungalows, detached, and semi-detached properties that have hipped roofs.

VELUX  Loft Conversion

Velux loft conversion is actually the most affordable among the different kinds of loft conversions. All that needs to be done is add Velux windows to your loft without changing the roofline.

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A growing family means a need for a bigger house. Or if there is a necessity to add rooms, there is a need for more space for them. Those who can afford may just move to a larger house to avoid the hassle of construction.

Adding an extension of a house can be costly, since that needs construction of a new wing. For this reason, many homeowners in the UK are torn between setting aside their dream of improving their home and taking the risk of going beyond their credit line. Good thing they have the choice of loft conversion which is cheaper and easier to acquire.

Yes, loft conversion is a practical way to maximise the space in your house and add a new area for your desired purpose. Compared to moving houses or adding an extension to your abode, this is much more affordable too.

Why Bigness is the Top Loft Conversions Company in London?

For loft conversion needs, Bigness is a Trusted Local Loft Conversion Specialist and the leading name in providing quality service here in the UK. We have been providing London and nearby cities with building construction services for years. Until now, we are the trusted brand by many home and business owners when it comes to property development.

So, Why Bigness is the Top Loft Conversions Company in London?

Seasoned Specialists

There are a lot of companies in the UK which also offer loft conversion services. However, it is always best to consult the experts to avoid waste of money and regrets.

The Best Loft Conversion Specialists in London is composed of experienced specialists in building construction. Bespoke loft conversion is one of our specialties, and we have the right people to accommodate our clients’ needs and wants. Only the best loft conversion experts are allowed to work on our projects.

We have formally-trained project managers and contractors who are knowledgeable about the job. Rest assured that all throughout the project, the team working on your loft is professionally managed and supervised. Our team makes sure that everything is perfectly done because we have no room for mistakes. We value the trust and money of our clients.


Deciding on getting loft conversion but has a limited budget for it? Loft conversion can be costly since it involves property development. However, compared to moving houses or getting an extension construction, this is way much cheaper.

So, how much does loft conversion cost particularly in London? Which conversion company in London offers reasonable prices for quality loft conversion projects?

How Much It Costs

In London, loft conversion costs vary depending on how much work needs to be done and the materials to be used. It will also depend on the kind of loft conversion that the clients require.

The cost of conversion usually starts at £25,000. This cost is usually applicable if the work only involves addition of dormer windows or any other task that does not require dramatic changes to the loft.

If the project involves raising the roof, constructing another room, and changing the structure of the loft, it would usually cost the homeowners around £40,000.

Factors of Conversion Cost

The loft conversion cost depends on several factors. Here they are:

  • Roof structure
  • Loft size
  • Location
  • Dormer windows and/or roofs to be added
  • Available floor space
  • Alterations needed
  • Designs or decorations
  • Necessary installations

Just a tip, if you want to save us much as possible, find out which features are really needed in your loft conversion and leave the unnecessary ones. There are also companies that offer loft conversion packages in London that could have everything you are looking for, but all in more affordable rates.

Fast and Convenient Service Guaranteed

Bigness understands that our clients need to have their loft converted in the quickest time possible to minimise hassle. We know how hard it is when there is a bunch of people going in and out of your house and you cannot have complete privacy. It is also not easy dealing with the dust and mess of the construction.

For this reason, we make it a point to really finish each loft conversion project within seven to fourteen days, depending on the size of the attic and the design. We also use the latest and advanced tools that help us get the job done in a short time.

Moreover, Bigness offers off-site construction so our clients do not have to be troubled by the construction disruption. It also takes lesser time to install the new features of your loft by this means. That is why we are confident that we can finish the installation in two weeks.

The Bigness teams also takes care of everything needed to make the project possible such as producing the design and processing the permits for the structural construction.

Client-fit Designs

Bigness knows each home has a different style and need. For this reason, all our loft conversions are uniquely planned and carefully tailored to meet the demands of our clients.

In every loft conversion project, Bigness specialist loft conversion builders in London, always considers what our clients want. We see to it that in the architectural planning, each detail is approved by the clients. We are only here to help them realize their dream loft design, so we guide them in the process.

We use a state-of-the-art online tool that allows our clients to see their specified design in 3D. With the help of our design architects, the homeowners can see how their new loft will look exactly. So, right from the start, our team already understands what our clients need from us.

In addition, we can install other features like furniture, staircase, or a storage area. We can also take care of the lighting and electrical concerns. That is all part of our commitment.

High Quality Service for an Affordable Price

Bigness Got the Best Loft Conversion Builders in London. More than earning a lot, the main motivation of the Bigness team in working in the property development field is to help ordinary people live in comfortable homes. Therefore, we set all our services at the lowest rates possible. We want our services to be accessible to all kinds of people.

Our loft conversion service is at a very competitive rate. Compared to our competitors, our services are usually 5 to 10% cheaper. How do we do this?

From the start, we have already formed connections with construction material manufacturers in and out of London. With this, we can get our materials at a cheaper price, especially since we can compare their qualities and rates. Of course, our clients have the final say when it comes to choosing the materials to use.

Nevertheless, rest assured that we only use high standard materials. We want our projects to be long lasting so that our clients can save from repairs in the future.

List of areas we cover

Please check our comprehensive list of areas we cover including North London, South London, East London, West London, . You can also see case studies of loft conversions we have completed in different areas of London.

Bigness Offers Affordable Loft Conversion

In London, Bigness is the best loft conversion company in London that provide loft conversion services at affordable prices. Our team is dedicated to helping homeowners get a comfortable and stylish home without spending beyond their initial project budget. We, too, have families and we want to provide them the best home without sacrificing their other needs. That is why we understand how our clients desire for practical solutions for their property development needs.

How can we help? First of all, we give free consultations and advice to our clients. First, we check the project site and figure out what needs to be done. Then, we create a sample building plan and show it to our clients for free.

We have also prepared cost-effective loft conversion packages. We offer the different types of conversions together with features that you might want to be included in your new loft.

To know more about how we can help you, you can contact us at Bigness to find out how you can get loft conversion without spending beyond your means. Our team provides property improvement services in the UK at the lowest rates possible. Thus, contacting our team is your first step in getting cost effective solutions to your loft needs.

Get to know more about our loft conversion offers at Bigness. Check out the different types of loft conversions to know which one suits your property best. Our consultants will gladly guide you in the planning process and help minimise the cost.


What are the types of loft conversion that Bigness offers? We do all kinds of loft conversion. If you have no idea which fits your house best, then check out the main loft conversion types that we specialise in:

  • Gabled Roof- This kind of loft conversion involves a sloping roof on two sides. The output shows a triangular wall segment at the sloped roof.
  • Gambrel- This is a two-sided roof that has two slopes on every side. The lower slope is steeper.
  • Mansard- All sides of the roof have double slopes. The upper slope is usually less steep than the lower one.
  • Hipped Roof- This roof has four sloped sides. The two longer sides elevate at the top.
  • Flat- This may look flat but it actually has a little slope that allows the water to flow off.
  • Catslide or Saltbox- This roof has one side which is longer.


Excellent loft conversion does not only add a room to your house. It also increases the value of your property. If time comes that you want to sell or lease your house, you can set it at a higher price. Therefore, this is a practical investment for you and your family.

For your loft conversion concerns, why not contact us at Bigness? We are always available to answer your questions. We have consultants who can give you insights on how your living space can be improved. No need to look for other companies. Bigness has everything you need for your property development.

For more details regarding the services of Bigness, please check out the loft conversion reviews page. You can also visit our extensive loft conversion projects gallery to see what we have accomplished in years.

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