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Landscape Gardening Services in London

Landscape Gardening Services in London

Landscape gardening and clearance services are a great choice for anyone who wishes to create a wonderfully pleasing garden in their own back yard.

To begin, gardening is simply the growing, maintenance and cultivation of plants. Gardens can be used for their utility (yielding crops) or for their aesthetic pleasure (beauty).

Services We Provide

We can help with many essential garden services including:

  • Tree Surgery
  • Stump Removal
  • Hedge Pruning
  • Fence & Gate Repair and Installation
  • Lawn Care & Weed Control
  • Planting Design and Renovation
  • Pressure Washing, Re-sanding & Seal Service
  • Patios Repaired and Laid
  • Ponds Removed, Cleaned and Installed
  • Decking
  • Garden Clearance & Waste Removal
  • Turfing, Digging and Mulching
  • Ground Maintenance
  • Soft and Hard Landscaping
  • General Garden Work
  • Driveways

In the following paragraphs, everything one may want to know about Landscape Gardening and Clearance Services will become clear!

What exactly do Landscape Gardening and Clearance Services do?
What kinds of tasks do specialists have to perform?
What are some job requirements for a landscape gardener?

Gardening can take place either residentially, around one’s home, or non-residentially, in parks or public spaces. Garden design is generally thought of more like art than gardening in the typical sense. Landscape gardeners are known for designing and constructing garden landscapes as well as renovating gardens which already exist.

Making a garden aesthetically pleasing and practical is the focus of this profession. These gardeners may be contracted to work in public areas, such as parks or privately contracted to design a garden.

Generally, people in this profession generally have studied biology or agriculture and can withstand heavy physical demand on the job. Standing for extended periods of time, heavy lifting and being outdoors are very common job requirements for the field. Knowledge of the maintenance of lawn/gardening equipment is yet another crucial aspect of the job.

In most areas, a license is required to attain the title of Landscape Architect or Engineer. One may even have a degree offered at an agricultural or horticultural institute. An artistic touch is highly desired, as creativity in design is an integral part of the job.

There is now such a thing as “Online landscape design”, which allows designers to design or plan a landscape through software and never having to actually be on-site!
So what kinds of tasks can a landscape gardener be expected to perform? Most obviously, they have to plan and oversee the construction of the landscape at hand. In order to do so, drawings must be created and a timeline must be implemented to ensure that everything is finished in a timely manner.

One should also possess decent estimation skills, as one will need to estimate the cost of materials needed to complete the project. Selecting the materials for constructing the landscape is also crucial, for one must ensure stability and functionality. Being versed in horticultural care, such as pruning, is also vital. Basic construction skills, such as creating fences or trellises may be required. In addition to basic construction knowledge, more advanced structures such as ponds and fountains would also be worthwhile to understand.

In this line of work there are two key terms to be understood, “Hardscape” design and “Softscape” design. Hardscape design involves things that are inanimate, nothing horticultural or plant like (generally). More specifically hardscapes refer to a variety of things such as fireplaces, barbecues, lawn furniture, walls, stone, pathways, playhouses and things of that nature.

Softscape refers to the horticultural element, flowers, soil, shrubbery, trees, etc. When designing a landscape, one must include multiple factors ranging from the topography of a given area to the drainage and irrigation; building codes to plant habitats. Using water features such as ponds or waterfalls and lighting, an array of plants and grasses, coupled with different hardscapes, the landscape gardener is only limited to their imagination as to what designs they can come up with.

The landscape designer marries nature to functionality. People interested in landscape gardening may also be interested in becoming horticultural assistants, florists or general gardeners.

What do clearance services entail? Before the landscape designs can actually be built, the site has to be cleared out. This means that everything on the grounds has to be removed, levelled or even excavated to facilitate the garden. This could include digging trenches to place in irrigation pipes, levelling out land with large machinery. When working on commercial and private areas, clearance services must ensure that regulations are being followed with the proper authority.

Clearance services may also focus on a smaller scale to remove brush or trees. The job varies depending on how the landscape designer envisions it and on the location. Large scale locations generally require more machinery while small scale locations would only require simple equipment. Sometimes, the landscape gardener may aid in clearing out the land.

Landscape gardening and clearance services are a great choice for anyone who wishes to create a wonderfully pleasing garden in their own back yard (or front yard!).

When out at a public park next, be mindful of any gardens, constructed ponds or fountains it is very possible that a landscape gardener designed and built them!

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