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Property Maintenance Services in London and surrounding areas.

Property Maintenance Services and Repairs

Bigness maintenance is our division specialised in property maintenance and repairs to both the public and private sectors.

We are a reliable, efficient and cost-effective property maintenance contractor based in central London. We develop bespoke maintenance solutions that our clients trust. From planned preventative maintenance schedules to 24-hour emergency call outs, we can help you find the level of service that’s right for your business.

Don not  hesitate to contact us and we will give you our expertise and our expert to help you with the following services :

Our fees are affordable and you can depend on us to produce satisfying outputs. As we have been a reputable group, you may ask around regarding the services we offer.

To meet our clients’ requirements, know that we always make arrangements. Should you have specific instructions regarding the quality of facilities’ services you prefer, we are open for discussions.

Property Maintenance Company

Unless having gone through proper building services maintenance, buildings won’t be safe to be in and won’t serve as a pleasant working environment.

With defective cooling systems, insufficient space, garbage disposal concerns, janitorial problems, and other nuisances of sorts, improving your operations seems out of the picture.

If you think repairs are in order, attend to the issue immediately. Rather than leaving it up to your own hands, coming forward and letting professionals shoulder the necessary work seems the more advantageous option.

Property Maintenance Packages

Don`t hesitate to contact us and we will give you our expertise and our expert to help you with the property maintenance packages services :

  • Installation of single and multi split type systems;
  • Extraction and supply air installations;
  • Inspection and maintenance of air conditioning units;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Repairs of compressor, motors, fans and pumps for heating and cooling units;
  • Kitchen extraction systems;
  • Replacing air filters;
  • Recharging units with refrigerant;
  • Repairs for the most typical problems: Increased energy bills, poor airflow, low performance of heating or cooling unit, leaking water or even dirty appearance;

Whether you’re responsible for a large site with multiple buildings or you’re dealing with the demands of smaller residential apartment blocks, reliable property management and maintenance is essential.

From decorating, painting, plastering, tiling, and other relative services to the more complicated tasks such as bathroom and kitchen remodelling, damp proofing, garbage disposal, installation of cooling systems, and plumbing, we can provide assistance.

Before conditions get worse, approaching a residential property maintenance services group is promising. You may turn to a bundle of home maintenance tips all you want but if you can afford to, hiring professionals is the more practical idea. Especially if it’s your first time to venture in the type of project, leaving it to your own hands may do more harm than good.

At Bigness Maintenance, we’ll keep your home a great place to live in. As a UK-based company that’s considered experts in buildings, conversions, extensions, refurbishments, and renovation that extends services to a list of regions in London, you may come to us with maintenance concerns.

You may rely on us to keep your home organised and well-maintained. Whether you reside in a small apartment unit or a 3-acre property, we’ll see to it that your needs are met. Rather than go to the trouble of handling all sorts of home maintenance jobs, let us do it for you. As we cater to our clients 24/7, you may contact us anytime you’re free. We guarantee quality and professional services.

To produce the best outcome, know that we welcome suggestions and other specific instructions. After assessing your home and hearing you out, we’ll get to work as soon as possible.  If you’re located in one of the areas we cover in London, call us regarding home maintenance needs.

Anything that concerns facilities’ services may be left to the more tenured cluster. As that’s what we’re here for, fretting should be the last thing on your mind.

  • Are you uncertain as to how you’ll proceed regarding the maintenance of your facilities?
  • Could you use help deciding whether or not remodelling a portion of the establishments is in order?
  • Do you think further work on the tiling is better?
  • Do the air-conditioning and plumbing systems work without faults?
  • Or, do you just need professional indoor and outdoor janitorial services?

We are Bigness Group, maintenance division, a UK-based company who are renowned experts in buildings, conversions, extensions, refurbishments, and renovation. You can entrust your facilities to us – from management to Commercial Property Maintenance Services, we’ve got you covered.

We may have just gone into business officially in the first quarter of 2012 but our team consists of contractors who have around a decade of experience. As we are qualified to deliver excellent services, you are guaranteed to have less to worry regarding your facilities’ and operations.

Instead of letting other fellows do the job for charges that may be cheaper, approach us. That, or troubling yourself with facilities’ services and handiwork you may not be trained for. Concentrating on how to retain or improve your businesses’ operations is more beneficial for you. If you want high-end results, we can be of service.

Are you in need of a quality Property Maintenance Services provider for Agencies in London? Bigness Maintenance will help you address the problems you have when it comes to maintenance and repair.

We provides to ours customers experts in various fields such as renovation, plumbing, door repair, brickwork, and other services that you may need.

Bigness Maintenance delivers different services based on a customer’s needs. We provides skilled and experienced plumbers, repairmen, painters, carpenters, and servicemen to clients in London. We makes sure that you only get the best property maintenance services based on your needs.

The plumbers can help you maintain or fix the central heating and bathroom refurbishments. They can also help you get rid of old pipes and replace them with new ones. They can fix and seal leaky pipes and your plumbing will be fixed in no time. The doors and UPVC windows you have will no longer have to be left in disrepair. The company’s repairmen can replace window parts, install bolts, and replace doorknobs that are broken.

Painting your house or building will be done efficiently and quickly. The labourers will make sure that each coating is done perfectly to spruce up your building or home.

Renovation is also one of the fortes of Bigness Property Maintenance. You can have a room, a small section, or your entire home or office renovated.

Improve your home or office by renovating it. The carpenters and designers will change old material and provide you with a design that is not only functional but also stylish.

We can also help you with fascias, conservatories, soffits, rendering, plastering, extensions, conversions, and damp proofing. The company’s services are top quality and they ensure that each customer is satisfied with the services rendered to them.

Looking for Property Maintenance Services provider for Landlords in London? Are your expenses piling up because of leaky plumbing and poor electrical wiring? If so, you will need the assistance of a professional repairman and plumber.

Bigness Maintenance provides clients with experienced repairmen and plumbers that can fix your plumbing, broken doors, and broken windows in addition to providing renovation services. Having a property maintenance London company to rely on will go a long way because you do not have to spend more for repeat repairs and maintenance services.

Repairing old parts of your home, office, or commercial space can be costly. To avoid incurring more expenses, it is best to get regular maintenance for your home, office, or commercial space.

Regular maintenance ensures that every part of your home or building is in top condition. Bigness Maintenance can provide you with excellent property maintenance services that ensure that each part of your home or building will not succumb to disrepair and neglect. The repairmen, workers, plumbers, and labourers that Bigness offers are skilled at what they do. You can be sure that they will accomplish the tasks you give them quickly and efficiently.

Bigness Maintenance will make sure that all of the requirements you ask for are met. The repairmen and workers will respond quickly to job orders so that no further damage is done to your property.

The plumbers know how to deal with central heating and refurbishments in your kitchen or bathroom. They can also help you change or fix broken or leaky pipes. Do not delay the renovation of your house or building if there is too much structural damage. The more you try to just repair them, the more money you will end up spending.

Bigness Maintenance makes sure that customers get high quality services whenever they need something repaired or maintained. The property maintenance London company shows its passion for service by offering only the best and most experienced repairmen and plumbers.

Regular maintenance and repairs should be left to the professionals. Repairing or maintaining your own home or building can lead to more damage.

Bigness Maintenance provides you with services for proper repair and maintenance. We employs experienced workers who can handle plumbing, renovations, refurbishments, extensions, and other services that your home or building may need.

Having a property maintenance London company to rely on will go a long way because you do not have to spend more for repeat repairs and maintenance services.

Bigness Maintenance is the answer to your problems. The company is known to deliver quality services for the residents of London. The company sends workers immediately as soon as a call or email is sent.

Bigness Maintenance does not waste time in providing you the repair or maintenance services you need. The experienced workers get right to work so that your home or property does not incur more damage.

The plumbers will fix or maintain the central heating and the refurbishments of your bathroom and kitchen, if those are the problems you are facing.

The plumbers can also help you seal and fix broken pipes in your plumbing. You no longer have to fret about leaky or broken drainage systems when the plumber from this company helps you.

The doors and UPVC windows of your home or building will no longer be left in disrepair because the repairmen of Bigness Maintenance can fix them for you. The repairmen can help you choose the replacement parts and help you make sure your UPVC windows and doors last longer.

The repairmen can also help you install locks or repair old ones. Bigness Maintenance guarantees that you get the best repair and maintenance services in London.

Other Property Services

For a range of Facilities Management Services, we can offer assistance. Trust us when we say we have your back. Air-conditioning and heating, brickwork, cleaning, flooring, construction, property refurbishment, basement conversion, garage conversion, remodelling, waterproofing, and almost all building concerns are us to handle. We won’t merely assess and complete an ordinary job; we’re driven to come up with the most effective solutions. Instead of worrying about related concerns, you should just focus on increasing your productivity. That way, should you have intentions of expanding your business, you may concentrate on the work that you’re cut out for.

Bigness group provides you with additional services for proper repair and maintenance. Don`t hesitate to contact us and we will give you our expertise and our expert to help you with the following services: Aerial / Network, Scaffolds and Work Platforms, Demolition Services, Wall Tie Replacement, Pest Control, Metalworking, Damp Proofing, Drainage, Flooring Services, Roofing, Security Equipment, Burglar Alarms Installation, Loft / Roof Insulation, Security System Installation, CCTV Installation, Carpet Fitting, Wood Flooring Fitting, Welding, Brick and Stone Cleaning, Concrete Repair, Church Craftsmen, Glass Replacement and Repair, Roof and Gutter Cleaning Repairs, Pipework Installation, Soundproofing for floors & walls, Suspended Ceilings, Tree Surgeons, Air Conditioning, Carpentry, Joinery & Fitting, Gas Cooker Installation, Gas Safe Plumbing and Heating, Fence Repairs, Locksmith,  .

If you need help with building maintenance, turn to us for consultations. As we’re on call 24/7, you can depend on us to be there as soon as possible. We’re experienced so to us, you can forward even the most complex situation. If after evaluation, you prefer a better tactic in resolving your problem, talk to us. We are open to cooperating with you to deliver the quality of services that both of us can be proud of.

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